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These are three types of stocks Qatar Phone Number created by Google that already filter out videos based on the content. For example, you can exclude videos with bad language or violence from your campaigns. You can discover the exact differences by pressing the ‘Compare stock types’ button. Advertising Compare YouTube Inventory Types YouTube Advertising Bid Strategies You can Qatar Phone Number choose how you want to pay in different ways. You do this by choosing a bidding strategy. I often choose which bidding strategy I use based on the goal of the campaign. DO phase If my goal is to get hard conversions, there are two ways you can bid: ‘Target CPA’ or ‘Maximize conversions’. These algorithms are exactly the same, but Target CPA targets a certain cost per conversion, while ‘maximizing conversions’ just Qatar Phone Number continues to bring in conversions, regardless of how much they cost.

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With both variants you Qatar Phone Number pay per 1000 impressions. Google determines the amount of the bid. Personally, I never use ‘maximizing conversions’, because that gives the algorithm a complete license, whereas I like to keep a little more control. THINK phase Once you want to reach exploratory traffic, focus on product or brand consideration. Personally, I’m a fan of using the ‘Maximize Qatar Phone Number brand impact’ strategy. This is the bidding strategy you use in a Brand Lift study and is intended to maximize the uplift of a Brand Lift (more on that later). Another possibility is to use (Max) CPV . With this you pay a maximum amount per view. SEE phase If your goal is mainly to create brand awareness and reach, then CPM is the bidding strategy for you. You have a lot of control over how much you pay per 1000 impressions. Because you Qatar Phone Number control the actual bid yourself, you have maximum control over your campaigns.

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Which is also the biggest Qatar Phone Number this bidding strategy. How do you rate your YouTube campaign? This of course depends on your overall strategy. But how do you rate your campaigns if hard buys aren’t the goal? Important metrics that are often Qatar Phone Number visible impressions. With YouTube, a visible display is one that is 50% in the picture for more than 2 seconds. You already pay for a ‘normal’ screening, so the vCPM is interesting in line with this. You will see that the vCPM is always higher than the CPM, so don’t Qatar Phone Number with a low CPM, but look beyond your nose.

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