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In particular, the relationship with Afghanistan Phone Number other content seems to be important. Those who share a lot of giveaways and place little other content have a greater chance of a (temporary) block than accounts that mainly focus on their daily content and occasionally share a giveaway. Also read: Can you share content from others on Instagram?  Competitions according to the law Whether you’re hosting giveaways on Instagram or elsewhere, there are a few legal issues to keep in mind. After all, a giveaway is a game of chance. You basically need a permit for that. An exception has been made for promotional games of chance. This is a game of chance to promote your company, product Afghanistan Phone Number or service, in which people can participate for free.

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Of course there should always be clarity about what there is to win, when the draw takes place and you should always make sure there is a winner. A large promotional Afghanistan Phone Number game of chance, with a prize value of up to €100,000, you can hold a maximum of 20 draws per year. In addition, you must draw up clear rules for your game of chance. If you organize a competition where the profit is not about the chance, but, for example, about the most beautiful photo or funniest slogan, you are not dealing with the rules that apply to games of chance. In all cases, pay attention to any taxes that must be paid on the price. Honest about Afghanistan Phone Number advertising We at toilet duck, recommend toilet duck.

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Top. You can also hope that you don’t Afghanistan Phone Number recommend Glorix, because then something will go wrong. Can always advertise yourself. You also do not have to state clearly that it is advertising. The content must of course always be and remain honest. You may exaggerate, as long as it is clear to your (potential) customer that it is an exaggeration.  But it must be sufficiently objective. The requirements are quite strict. That is fodder for another article. Be especially careful with things like fake urgency or limited availability. Always be honest and transparent about your own products and services, such as price, availability, quality and quantity, warranty and other costs. Of course you can’t put everything Afghanistan Phone Number on Instagram.

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