All set for the campus party

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All set for the campus party

This morning the next edition of the Internet technology and innovation festival “Campus Party 2013” was announced to the media, which will take place from 30 kilio to August 4 at Expo Santa Fe, in Mexico City México, DF.- This morning the next edition of the Singapore Phone Number List Internet technology and innovation festival “ was announced to the media Campus Party 2013” , which will take place from July 30 to August 4 at Expo Santa Fe, in Mexico City.

According to the study “Future Digital Latin America 2013” prepared by ComScore in Latin America there are about 147 million Internet users. More related notes: The hipster grandmother revolutionizes the networks Marketers are from Mars and consumers are from Venus Google is winning the battle vs. the Right to be forgotten.

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Promoted by one of the largest mobile phone and data services companies, the festival has the mission of fostering creativity and the development of innovative projects, which is why it will have an area called Startup Camp; In addition, this edition will present the 30 best digital projects of Mexican entrepreneurs.

Santiago Fernández, President of Telefónica Latinoamérica , assured that “without a doubt this technological party is a pioneer of its kind and has Phone Number List been an inspiration for similar events”. There will also be public and private institutions to promote youth projects such as: ProMéxico ; National Financial ; Information and Documentation Fund for Industry ( INFOTEC ); Mexican Institute of Industrial Property ( IMPI ); Mexican Internet Association ( AMIPCI ); and Confederation of National Chambers of Commerce ( CONCANACO ).

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