All about k Factor and Viral Loops

The origin of the k factor – component of virality function the k factor can be used to describe the growth rate of websites. Applications or a customer base. This usage is borrowed from the reproduction rate in the field of epidemiological medicine. A virus with a k factor of 1 is in a “stable” state: this means no growth or decline. A k-factor greater than 1 indicates exponential growth and a k-factor less than 1 indicates exponential decline. The k factor is a trend indicator types of kpis types of kpis there are predictive growth indicators and indicators based on past events. Cost of customer acquisition (cac). Retention and monthly active users (mau) are achievement metrics based on past events that we look to to gauge our success.

Understand everything about the virality

We can use it to understand the future effect and trend of growth loops. Let’s look at its formula and calculation method. The k-factor formula the k factor is an organic. Free acquisition lever that is fueled either by the growth characteristics of your product or service. Or by Oman Phone Number List an enthusiasm for your business. If you master both in parallel. You can have the chance to reach very good levels of success and virality. To understand the k factor. What we’re trying to figure out is this: for every customer you acquire. How many new customers will you get? Here is the formula: virality coefficient formula k virality factor k formula number of recommendations / shares = i conversion rate = conv% let’s take an example now to put this formula into practice.

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The K factor is a trend indicator

Example of calculation of the viral coefficient k here is an example how to calculate your k factor or viral coefficient: take your current number of users (say 100) multiply by the average number of invites or referrals your user base sends (100 x 10) find the percentage of referrals who made a decision. Such as signing up as a new user. (12%) if 12% of 1000 invites signed up for your product. You would have 120 new users. You started with 100 users and gained 120 users. So you divide the number of new users by the number of existing users to find your viral coefficient any k-factor greater than 1 results in exponential behavior if each new customer invites two more people. The snowball starts. In reality. A k-factor greater than 1.0 is very rare and unsustainable.

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