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Agile Kanban methodology

A couple of months ago I did an introductory article about agile methodologies and the advantages of their implementation in companies. In that article I mentioned two of these strategies, and today I will talk about the most popular, the agile Kanban methodology.
What is the agile Kanban methodology?

This organizing technique originated in the Iran Mobile Database Toyota factory with the aim of controlling the progress of work. The word Kanban means “visual cards” and that’s how the agile Kanban methodology works. Through cards of different colors, it is possible to know at a glance the current situation of a project, thus being able to know if it is on the right track or if it is necessary to recalculate the times.
On what principles is the Agile Kanban methodology based?

Below I highlight the aspects that make the Kanban methodology different from other ways of organizing projects:

Quality assured : in this case, quality is rewarded over speed of execution, that is, everything must go right the first time, with no margin for error. This is because in many cases more time and money is wasted in correcting mistakes than doing it right the first time.
Minimal waste : the YAGNI principle governs the Kanban approach. Only time is invested in what is fair and necessary, everything superficial and secondary of the project should be left in the background.
Continuous improvement : when we talk about Kanban, we are not referring only to a management method, but also to a continuous system of improvement in the development of the different projects.
Flexibility : once the main tasks of the project have been carried out, the less relevant ones come into play. In this case, tasks can be prioritized according to the needs of the moment. agile methodologies – agile kanban methodology

How is the agile Kanban methodology implemented? Iran Mobile Database

The application of this method is carried out through an activity board that allows optimizing the work flow. Below I define the key aspects for the use of the Kanban methodology:

Project workflow: The first step will be to create a project dashboard, a dashboard accessible to everyone involved in the process. The board will be divided into columns, each one corresponding to a stage of the project. Once a task is finished, this card is moved to the column of tasks performed.
Visualize the production cycle: usually post-its are usually used with the basic information of the tasks, as well as the estimated hours. The objective of this visualization is to clarify as much as possible the work to be done, as well as the priorities and the assigned goal.
Stop Starting, start finishing: “stop starting and start finishing” is the motto of the agile Kanban methodology. The tasks that are being carried out must be prioritized over those that are to be started, since in order to offer the best quality of service, the work in progress must be limited.

It is about defining the maximum number of tasks that can be carried out in each of the phases, thus restricting the work, and making clear the idea that one task cannot be opened without finishing another . In this way, a very common problem in many companies and projects is solved, that of having a large number of tasks started and stopped.

The Kanban methodology allows a follow-up of the work carried out, storing the information at all times, both of the tasks done, as well as those that are being executed and those that will be executed later.
Is there a tool for the implementation of the Kanban methodology?

The most common way of working with this system is through post-its, but this has a problem, what happens if all the members of the project are not in the same office? It is a common question, especially for large projects where several people or departments participate or in companies where there is a lot of teleworking.

In my case, I use the tool TRELLO , an excellent organizational tool for the company . Its fame is due to the fact that through a very visual system it allows you to order tasks and projects to facilitate their monitoring. Each project can be divided into a different board, and you can give access to the people that interest you.
Conclusion, should I implement the agile Kanban methodology in my office?

In the end, the objective of a company is to Brother Cell Phone List expenses and minimize the time used in the different tasks of its projects. On many occasions, time is wasted by starting several tasks at the same time or because an undone task cuts you off from being able to start with another task, which is why the use of an agile methodology is so important.

I trust that you find this article about the agile Kanban methodology interesting, and that you seriously consider its implementation in your company. If you have any questions about this method, or about digital transformation, do not hesitate to contact me.

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