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Advertising Tips for Travel Agents

  1. Do you get many amazing travel limits on your fax machine every day?
  2. Do you email database for sale these arrangements to your information base of customers?
  3. Do you have an email information base of your customers?
  4. Do you get magnificent travel limits from movement providers in your email? Do you pass these great arrangements onto your online customer information base?
  5. Do you put a couple of your movement coupons in the every day paper every month? Or then again have you made it clear to relatives, companions or partners that they can travel free when they get a gathering of explorers together for a visit or travel experience?
  6. Do you post your best travel bargains on movement just arranged sites? (free)
  7. Is your site address on your business cards and your vehicle? (Little letters at the highest point of your back window) If you truly need your site to get more hits promptly, put your web rebate travel declaration in striking letters on your vehicle!
  8. Have you posted a nitty gritty and educational “About Us” on your site alone with a picture of yourself and your office? What’s more, your Travel Agency Affiliations?
  9. Is there a put on your site for individuals to join to get future travel limits from you?
  10. Have you contrasted a portion of your movement manages Travelocity, Expedia or Orbitz? Would you be able to beat a couple of their costs? Provided that this is true, you need to tell online web endures and you need to let them know frequently.
email database for sale

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