Advertising in mobile applications considered the most intrusive

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Advertising in mobile applications considered the most intrusive

Mobile users base most of their browsing time on the use of apps. The Forrester report indicates that more than 90% of smartphone owners use these useful applications on a daily basis. An experience that could be totally positive, except for the almost perennial Oman Mobile Database existence of advertising. According to the study, 74% of mobile users consider the advertising they receive in applications annoying. On the other hand, 69% affirm that these ads hinder your browsing experience and use of their smart terminal.

However, app developers are not willing to miss out on the opportunity to pay for their work. On the other hand, for companies it is a great opportunity to impact their target audience. The downside is that this behavior is detrimental to users, who mostly suffer the consequences of using a freemium or totally free service. Oman Mobile Database

At this point, a detail should be taken into account. Mobile users do not completely reject advertising in apps, but rather regret that it is not oriented to their interests, is intrusive and that its location makes navigation difficult and hinders. 15% of users admit that they mistakenly clicked on video ads in these apps, while 22% accidentally clicked on banners.

Let’s not forget that it is about advertising in mobile applications, a particularly private environment, where the user can feel, in a way, harassed.

Therefore, both companies and developers should think about how users feel about it, and try to develop an advertising strategy in the applications that is really useful for users, and does not compromise their mobile experience.

Thus, the study indicates that users prefer those Brother Cell Phone List ads that offer them some type of reward, or that are oriented to their real interests. This type of advertising generates a positive attitude towards the brand and the company that provides this advantage.

Specifically, 74% of customers would be willing to share their personal information, if it would obtain some type of benefit. On the other hand, 49% would like to be able to select the subject of advertisements or sectors in which they are interested, at the time of receiving said advertising.

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