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Your recorded live stream as Colombia WhatsApp Number List part of a vod service, creating the opportunity to sell your recorded live stream and generate additional revenue. Step 1: create your event to get started, log in to your uscreen . In the main window, click live events, then click the add new button. Live ppv event enter a title for your live stream event and click the create button . Create your event step 2: set pricing, rental, and subscription optionsnext, you’ll need to set some criteria for your live event. These include a price for your live stream (it’s also possible to stream a free event). You also have the option to offer your live stream as a subscription or rental and choose how long a customer can view the rental. Managing payments through.

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Uscreen is simple. As a Colombia WhatsApp Number List complete ppv live streaming monetization platform, you’ll get an easy-to-use store, access to paypal, stripe, or uscreen payment gateways, and all transactions are secured with ssl encryption. You will have everything you need to sell your videos online. Set ppv pricing once you have defined your criteria, click the save button . Step 3: generate your stream url and stream key to broadcast your live stream, you need encoding software (on your pc) or a hardware encoder. If you opt for software, using open broadcaster software (obs) is a good choice. It’s free, works on windows, mac.

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Colombia WhatsApp Number List

And linux, and easy to use. Once Colombia WhatsApp Number List downloaded and installed on your computer, click on the stream tab in the left menu. In the main window, you will find your stream url and stream key. Copy and paste both into the respective fields of obs. To add both to obs, click file (in the top navigation menu of obs) and click settings . Open broadcast software then click stream , paste each string and click apply Colombia WhatsApp Number List  button . Obs parameter to start streaming, return to the main obs window and click the start streaming button . Live video streaming to test your live stream, return to the stream tab and click the test player button .

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