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Play with textures. colors and presentations to get your palate used to different flavors and stimulate the consumption of vegetables and fish. For you to keep in mind: avoid low-value refined foods such as sweet or salty snacks. At this stage. your child will eat a variety of products while away from home. whether natural or processed. since physical exercise. school and games require a lot of physical and mental activity. making his body ask for energy. Anyway. age is not the important thing. children at these ages need to consume the same food groups as adults. only the amounts and proportions change.

Fruits. vegetables and whole grains should never be missing and for the two most important meals of the day. breakfast and snack. fruits and nuts are essential. NUTRITION IN THE ADOLESCENT STAGE: At this stage of life . children’s eating habits change . since there is a greater inclination for products with low nutritional value. Energy requirements and nutrient needs increase due to the changes that occur at the physical. hormonal. psychological and sexual levels. The most indicated is to increase the consumption of dairy products and derivatives . meat. fish and foods with high content of vitamins and minerals. such as fruits. legumes. vegetables. cereals and pasta.

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In our society there is a generalized idea “… that South Korea Phone Number manifests itself exclusively at puberty or at the beginning of adult life. Because although it is recognized that human beings are born and live with one sex. They are assumed by generally as asexual during infancy. Childhood sexuality is a process that develops gradually and gradually and does not have the characteristics that adults give it. Speaking of infantile sexuality is intended to recognize the existence. at this stage of life. Of early genital arousals or needs. as well as the intervention of other body areas (erogenous zones) that seek pleasure (for example thumb sucking) independently of the exercise of a biological function (nutrition).

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This is why psychoanalysis speaks of oral. anal. phallic. genital sexuality. Below we will briefly explain each of them. Oral phase This is the first phase of libido evolution from 0 to 2 years of age. The child spends most of the time sleeping. The periods of conscious attention are limit to experiences of nutrition such as hunger. lactation. satiety. internal noises. When some need is not satisfie. unpleasant emotions arise. which causes the first experiences of anxiety in the baby. Anxiety over lack of vital supplies. In this phase. sexual pleasure is predominantly linked to the excitement of the oral cavity and the lips. which accompanies eating.

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At birth. the child is deprived of the symbiosis that it maintain with its mother’s body. This causes the ability and intention of the breast. the mother and society. In this phase the child lives and loves through the mouth and the mother transmits it through the breasts. This coordination between mother and child results in a high reward in terms of libidinal pleasure. Through the mouth and the nipple. An atmosphere of warmth and mutuality is generate that both. Mother and child fully enjoy and respond with relaxation. anal phase. The anal phase is the second phase of the evolution of the libido. And can be situate from 2 to 4 years of age.

In this phase. libido is organize around the anal erogenous zone. The object of satisfaction is link to the function of defecation (expulsion – retention) and the symbolic value of feces. For the child. eliminating urine or feces is something normal. Natural and pleasant. he even considers it as a kind of “gift” that. They give to the adult. this because for him (her). It is like detaching part of his body and giving it away. to mom and dad. For the child. feces represent her creation and she likes its smell. Texture and color. phallic phase It is the “infantile organization phase. Of the libido that follows the oral and anal phases and. In other words, Is characterize by a unification of the partial drives under the primacy of the genital organs.

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