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Create a safe space where it’s okay to share your feelings and where you’re struggling. Team management today requires an adapted approach. Circumstances change, which means that the methods must also be continuously South Africa WhatsApp Number List adjusted. How do you deal with it?

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I am very curious about how you direct and motivate your team during this period. I’d love to read your comments below. Thank you for your openness and tips. Let’s learn from each other! Don’t miss the podcast about marketing, strategy, and teams The marketing world is changing before our eyes. How do you operate as a company in this rapidly changing landscape?

South Africa WhatsApp Number List
South Africa WhatsApp Number List

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Be informed and inspired by CMOs and marketing leaders in the HelloMasters podcast from HelloMaas and Frankwatching. Want to know more or start listening right away? 0 comments – Be the first to comment! Others also read Gonny Vink: “We will no longer be going to the office for individual work” Do you enjoy going to work every day?


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