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A new app for travelers

In order to facilitate the purchase of tickets and tourist packages, the agency has just launched a mobile application that allows you to make quotes from your cell phone. The application is available for iOS and Android and, according to the Belarus Phone Numbers List company, leads the downloads of tourism applications.

The new tool aims to provide a solution to those travelers who do not have their itineraries well defined and who decide on the destinations to follow. In this way, the company adds this facility to its web platform. The application is free and is divided into flights and hotels. Both search engines allow you to filter the results by destinations, prices, airlines and hotels, ordering them on a map, to have an overview of the trip.

Belarus Phone Number List

An interesting segment is “Hotel for today”, which automatically records the user’s location and points to the closest available hotels. The functionalities of the application allow the user to follow up on the status of the flights, access tourist guides of the cities and activities in each place. It is also possible to use size, measurement and currency converters.

On the occasion of the Phone Number List launch, Edgardo Sokolowicz, IT manager of the company, pointed out that the technology currently used by them is on par with that of the rest of the world. He also assured that the application was prepared and tested for months in order to be of maximum help to users.

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