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A cool playful commercial

The game in advertising is part of creativity . That is clear to all of us, but achieving an excellent result is not always easy. Here we will show you an example of a great playful commercial. This is “Hands” commercial Honda’s that explores several of the Bolivia Phone Numbers List thousands of possibilities of the “sleight of hand”, the one performed by successful magicians, with effects that are pure game and that not only excite a child, but also the child that we all carry inside.

The realization is by Wieden & Kennedy London , a small English agency, link in a quite prestigious chain that has branches in Amsterdam, Delhi, New York, Portland, Sao Paulo, Shanghai and Tokyo and that obtained the not inconsiderable title of “Global Agency of the Year 2012 ”awarded by ADWEEK . It is an extremely careful computational work with a solid concept after its completion. Not for nothing already has more than 362 thousand visits in a day and almost 9000 “likes” on YouTube.

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There are so many elements, so many situations accompanied by ad-hoc music, that it makes you want to see it over and over again, and don’t be surprised if you smile more than once. After seeing this commercial, which is a good example of what advertising should trigger, it only remains to think that the awards for the agency are justified and that in this specific case also, the Phone Number List consequence of the slogan is great: “Honda, the power of dreams ”(Honda, the power of dreams) Let’s see what you think.

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