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A commercial that literally uses the other look

Investing concepts, changing schemes and looking for simplicity are also ways to make advertising effective. I constantly use the concept of “the other look” to motivate those who need or simply enjoy looking for new angles in various situations related Buy Jamaica Consumer People Phone List to marketing and advertising . If we do the same things all the time, the result will be identical, says a popular phrase and, as in most cases, you are right. The same happens with any analysis.

Yes, because we usually have some kind of method to perform an analysis – either academic or created by ourselves – which tends to repeat itself. If we look at everything from the same angle, it is difficult for us to find new things and therefore, we are less likely to unleash creativity , a fundamental tool for advertising . In addition, when we are looking for a goal, pressure tends to make us go around in circles and usually, only when we stop thinking, do we get a good result (Have you noticed when solves the medical riddles Dr. House ? is thinking of something else!)

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In the example that we will see below, the twist is evident. It’s not subtle, but it still has the charm that the thought provokes for the public… ” yes, they are right. At some point I can see it like this too ” . The commercial, in that sense, becomes a didactic element because it shows us – directly – how you can change the orientation of a concept used by the group and use it in favor of the product to be advertised.

Another interesting element here is the Phone Number List concept of simplicity. You don’t have to create something too complex, especially when the product is simple. In this piece there is a whole that seems basic, but that is highly effective in terms of reaching the public, because it takes elements that identify potential customers and, in general, that is enough. Actually, it all depends on the product, but rest assured that “the other look” will always be useful.

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