76% of large companies strategically deploy their brand through mobile apps

Brands have always dreamed of achieving maximum notoriety, and penetrating the minds and hearts of their target audience. To do this, they have resorted to various techniques and strategies, depending on the means at their disposal. Undoubtedly, the Turkey Mobile Database digital revolution has meant a before and after in the way of communicating and impacting its target.

The report “The value of the brand” carried out by DIVISADERO analyzes the way in which the main companies operating in Spain deploy their brand (IBEX 35 and Top 20 advertisers according to Infoadex), differentiating the two main strategic channels (social media and channel mobile) that have allowed digitization and, therefore, the measurement of the brand beyond traditional models.

At the dawn of data, in the field of social media, it is nothing new to note that there are few companies that do not take advantage of these 2.0 channels to deploy their brand. However, there has been a significant advance in the number of strategic means that are used.

As the study highlights, 77% of companies already integrate a minimum of three social media to display their brand, leading the now classic Twitter and YouTube (23%), followed by Facebook (21%). All this without forgetting the blogs (18%), nor the rising media, such as Pinterest (10%), which is one step ahead of Instagram (5%).

Within the analysis carried out by DIVISADERO in this section, the focus has been placed on the most relevant aspects for the consumer with regard to the accessibility of approaching brands, through the mobile digital media they have.

For this, the report analyzes the strategic deployment of the brand in the mobile channel through two aspects; on the one hand in relation to mobile applications, and on the other hand to the adaptation of corporate sites to the mobile environment. The latter both in their adaptation to responsive design (friendly design in relation to the usability of the original site, where the user sees the original web transformed on any of their mobile devices), and in the choice of a mobile web (independent portal from the original that will be adapted according to the device that accesses its master website, and that has a different url).

Corporate Apps : The study indicates that 76% of companies strategically deploy their brand through a corporate mobile application.

Sites adapted to the mobile environment: 42% of the companies analyzed have their corporate site adapted to the mobile environment, in one way or another (through mobile web or responsive design).

Responsive Design: 18% of these companies have a corporate site adapted to the mobile environment through responsive design. Turkey Mobile Database

Mobile Web : In this case, the percentage is higher. The report shows that 33 of these companies have a corporate site adapted to the mobile environment through the mobile web.

In relation to mobile environments, the study reveals the massive commitment of the companies that are the object of the study (77% of them) for the deployment of their brand through mobile applications, as a formula for approaching the brand to the consumer in for the sake of promoting loyalty.

Regarding the area related to the adaptation of portals to the mobile environment, it is worth noting the low penetration of these models in the companies analyzed, as only 18% have their web portals adapted to responsive design and only 33% of IBEX companies and the top 20 advertisers have a mobile website.

Not having this type of adaptation is detrimental to the Brother Cell Phone List user experience in a channel whose operational, transactional and informative weight is increasing.

With all this, the conclusions report of the DIVISADERO make it clear that brands that are betting on the mobile channel strategically or perhaps only driven by the trend, are doing so so far through apps as a claim to the consumer.

Even at the dawn of m-Commerce, the overcrowding of the use of smartphones and tablets inevitably means that the road ahead has to be accelerated to adapt to consumer behavior in their interaction with brands.

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