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7 herramientas de Marketing Digital que harán tu vida más fácil

In this world of Internet cell phone number database for sale new digital marketing tools and platforms are constantly being born that aim to facilitate daily activities, enhance good results and give brands greater visibility with their target audience. The tools, if used properly, can be the best allies of your strategy and can show you metrics and data that you did not consider before. Here we present 7 Digital Marketing ng tools for organizing ideas and planning strategies. Among the features of google Drawings we find Create website wireframes Project workflows Mind map to generate content or marketing ideas Create infographics or other images You can collaborate with other team members, use hyperlinks to share references, edit drawings, add photos, and chat with the team. The best? It is a free digital marketing tool that you can access if you have a Google account.

Trello After planning your project, comes execution, where a project management tool plays an important role. In Marketing, good communication between teams and transparency are crucial. Therefore, Trello is a great ally. Trello helps us to work efficiently: it facilitates organization and communication between the team, allows everyone involved to be aligned, keep track of work and project status, understand workflow, processes and more. With Trello you can: Create an editorial calendar to control and monitor the creation, editing and publication of content. Get a high-level view of marketing goals, current projects, and what’s next for the team. Plan an event or webinar. Trello is free to use regardless of the size of the computer. The free version offers ten boards per team, unlimited cards, and unlimited rosters. Google analytics If we have learned anything, it is that predicting the future is very difficult. However, predictive analytics tools make it possible to predict the outcome of marketing campaigns. While predictive analytics is an advanced topic,

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one tool that can enable it is Google Analytics. Progressively, physical stores have migrated to online mode, which requires the need to establish ROI using digital analysis tools such as Google Analytics to obtain information and keep up with digital marketing trends. Google Analytics allows you to understand customer preferences and obtain information on how to create better user experiences. By applying Google’s advanced machine learning models, the new Analytics can automatically alert you to significant trends in your list provider data, such as products experiencing increased demand due to new customer needs. It even helps you anticipate future actions your customers may take.

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