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5 Key behaviors of smartphone users

The study “Our Mobile Planet: Mexico” developed by Google on the use of SmartPhones in 2013, yields very interesting data which will help us better understand users and be able to establish more efficient and effective Marketing strategies.

The study was divided into 5 areas of interest

Smartphones have become an indispensable Taiwan Mobile Database accessory in our daily life. At the date of the study, a penetration of 37% of the total population is observed, and what is even more relevant is that 73% of these users access the Internet at least once a day and practically always bring their Smartphone with them .
Smartphones have transformed consumer behavior. The most used services from these devices are searches, video viewing, social networks, and application downloads. It is estimated that 94% of users use the phone while doing other activities, highlighting listening to music and browsing social networks.
Smartphones allow users to travel the world. Through search and geolocation services, users inform their friends where they are located, likewise they look for information about places near their location in order to make purchases or consumption. 95% of SmartPhones users have used these services in order to obtain information and 89% of them have made some interaction with the businesses found, either by contacting the establishment or having made a purchase from them. Taiwan Mobile Database
Smartphones have changed the way consumers shop. It is estimated that 39% of SmartPhones users have made a purchase through these devices, and 91% of users have searched for information about products or services from these devices.
Smartphones allow advertisers to communicate with users. 93% of the ads destined for Smartphone are seen by users and they are also an ideal complement to traditional Marketing strategies, since it is estimated that 86% of users made a query or search on their Smartphone after having seen a traditional advertisement.
In summary, the penetration of smartphones is increasing and the users of these devices have proven to be a very interesting and attractive audience as they are potential buyers. So your Marketing plan should include these types of devices.

Tips to strengthen your strategy

Include mobile ads as part of a marketing strategy.
Have a site optimized for cell phones and different mobile devices (Responsive Web).
Establish communication channels that facilitate and promote the interaction of mobile devices, such as the inclusion of a QR code in media campaigns.
Make sure that the contact numbers appear in the searches, since smartphones and other mobile devices have the one-touch call function.
Make sure that the business appears on the Brother Cell Phone List maps and main location services such as Google Maps, Foursquere and Swarm, to name a few so that you take full advantage of the search by location that these devices have.

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