4 2016 Ecommerce Predictions to Help You Prepare

The last decade has seen some major changes in the e-commerce space. From expanded delivery services to purchases through apps to social checkout. 4 2016 Ecommerce  the online retail landscape is constantly changing to meet the growing demands of consumers. 4 2016 Ecommerce and we’re likely to see further changes in the coming year.

2015 is all but gone, and marketers are gearing up for a new year with a  new set of challenges. Here are 4 online retail forecasts to help you get ready for 2016!

 E-commerce sales will increase

Online shopping in 2015 hit an all-time high, with experts predicting a 45 percent increase in 2016, with total revenue reaching 327 billion. Forester also predicts that e-commerce will. account for nearly 9% of total retail sales in 2016. More than 192 million shoppers are expected to tend to buy from online stores, and the average spend per shopper will also increase, reaching approximately 1,738 per shopper.

Your ecommerce site needs to be able to Oman Phone Number compete with and outperform your competitors. You need to embrace mobile shoppers and better understand your customers . so you can engage with them in their favorite social media hangouts.



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Planning for success is critical: your website, fulfillment. And customer service procedures should be review and optimize for sudden increases in sales. If you want your business to grow to meet demand, it’s critical that you’re ready to scale.

The fourth quarter will win the game again

The final months of the year represent the holiday season . The busiest time for e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores, with roughly 19 percent of this year’s turnover.

Power shopping days like Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and Thanksgiving are significant contributors to most retailers’ annual revenue. If you’re off on those days, make sure your website and marketing campaigns are still working overtime to bring in sales. 2014 saw online retail increase its share of holiday sales by 15% as choice grew. As more shoppers opted to buy  From the comfort of their living room rather than jumping from one store to a crowded store. Cold weather and stress parking lot.


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