19 Digital Marketing Tools

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19 Digital Marketing Tools

In this article I will talk about the main digital marketing tools . I will divide the tools according to their usefulness, that is, if they are valid to improve SEO , SEM or Social Networks. I will talk about the tools that I have used or currently use, and because of this I know most of their functions and advantages.
9 Tools to improve SEO

Google Analytics : the tool par excellence, anyone who wants to improve their positioning should work with it. The reason is simple, we find all the Bulgaria Mobile Database data on our website . How many people enter each page, how long they stay or how many conversions we have achieved. It is important because to move forward we need to know where we are. In the following image you can see a summary screen of Google Analytics. google analytics
Screaming Frog – a great tool not entirely known. Thanks to this we will be able to know which keywords and meta tags the competition uses . It is very useful when conducting a competition study. It has a free version that studies up to a maximum of 500 URLs of a website.
Semrush: una de las herramientas más utilizadas en el mundo del marketing digital. Te indica el posicionamiento global de tu página, así como una comparativa con tu competencia más directa. Nos hará un análisis del dominio, nos indicará por ejemplo el tráfico, los backlinks o las keywords. Herramienta muy útil y muy completa.
Sistrix: Over time, he has taken the Market away from Semrush. The reason for its fame is derived from the visibility index it incorporates . The general functions are the same as the previous tool, but that index makes it unique. Sistrix gives a value to your website based on the keywords in which you are positioned, in their place in the ranking and on the traffic it attracts. A great tool to improve the SEO of your website, being one of the most used digital marketing tools today. The following image indicates the variations in the visibility index of a web page. sistrix
AWRcloud: a very useful tool to know the positioning of the keywords that interest us . Very useful especially to see local SEO, a magnitude that Sistrix or Semrush do not value as they attract little traffic. You give a list of your keywords of preference to the tool and every week or 2 weeks, you send, it will tell you what your position is.
Ahrefs: con esta herramienta podrás conocer el backlink de tu página web. Con el paso del tiempo ha perdido peso frente a otras herramientas más completas, pero en este apartado es el rey. Podrás saber que enlaces y dominios apuntan hacia tu web, además de conocer posibles enlaces rotos.

Bulgaria Mobile Database
GTmetrix: this tool is very useful to know the loading speed of your web page . It breaks it down into 5 sections, and it is well explained. It is not necessary to create an account, but it is recommended to receive more advice. Below I show an example of how this application shows the situation of your website. gtmetrix tool
Google Speed ​​Insights: like the previous one, it tells you the loading speed of a website, in addition to indicating its optimization and some advice. It is a very demanding tool and measures both for mobile phones and computers .
TestMySite: Google tool specialized in understanding the optimization of a website for mobile devices . It serves to know if we are efficiently optimizing our website for new mobile and responsive designs.

6 Tools to carry out effective online campaigns

Google ADwords : the king tool of Google campaigns. In Spain, more than 90% of internet campaigns are developed in this program . You can carry out 9 different types of campaigns, later we will do a detailed study of this great tool. In the following image you can see the dashboard Google ADwords .
Adwords Editor: Google Adwords’ own tool but as a downloadable program for a computer. You can carry out your campaigns calmly and when you have them Brother Cell Phone List all prepared you upload them . It is quite useful if you have internet problems or if you don’t want to get involved when making big changes.
Keyword tool planner: this tool is part of Google Adwords, but it must be treated separately. With it you can find out the search volume of your selected keywords . In addition, it also shows you alternatives to your keywords. You cannot miss this tool to carry out effective online campaigns.
Bing Ads: campaigning on Google ADwords is becoming more expensive every day, quite the opposite of Bing Ads. Obviously the traffic is much lower, but my experience tells me that the campaigns on this platform are quite effective, cheap and with a very high CTR . In the case of the following image, you can see the dashboard Bing Ads .

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