17 reasons why you shouldn’t buy email lists

The first point to note is that buying email lists can be considered an illegal practice. As e-mail is seen as a part of a person’s privacy. It cannot be shared without their authorization. The user can sue your company for abuse of rights or even for moral damages. If someone starts to receive emails from a list that has not signed up. It is possible that the person will feel their privacy being invaded with the excess of messages and seek to solve the problem in court! So. Avoid creating this kind of problem for your company. 2 your company will not be gdpr compliant if you still do not know what the is. Or do not understand its impacts. It is the general data protection law. Which will come into force in august 2020. According to the website .

Buying email lists is an illegal practice

The regulation also covers all information collected or processed in the country with a view to offering services and goods in territory.” therefore. All companies that somehow process personal data will have to adapt by the scheduled date. The lgpd has several articles that Exit Mobile Phone Numbers must be read carefully. But one of its pillars is the user’s explicit consent to grant their personal data. For example. When creating a landing page . Ideally. Somewhere on the page. You clarify what the purpose of collecting this data is. In this way. When acquiring a purchased list. You do not have the consent of any of the users to use their data. Running the risk of receiving fines from the inspection. Which will be carried out by the national data authority. Covered the piece of legislation related to the purchase of emails.

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Your company will not be GDPR compliant

Even if you find sites claiming After that, that they offer targeted or qualified lists. It will never come close to the After that, same result as After that, getting a list of people who really want to receive your content . When sending in bulk. To unknown people and who have not authorized the use of List Provider their data. You will have extremely low engagement rates. You will find many invalid addresses. If you start receiving unwanted emails and don’t remember subscribing to such a list. It is very likely that you will move the next messages from the same recipient to spam. Right? Your leads will also have this reaction.

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